Short Term Safe Hire

Nationwide short and long term safe hire for your business or home.

Whether you need cash storage for your outdoor event, sensitive data and documents stored while you move offices or equipment and cash storage on the set of a film, we will ensure that the safe you hire meets your exact requirements.

Any size of safe can be hired for any period of time and our experienced team will deliver and install your temporary safe on site and collect it once you no longer need it.

When you hire a safe from us you can be assured of:

  • A choice of quality safes to store from £5k - £150k of cash to meet your exact needs
  • Insurance approved installation for peace of mind and guaranteed security
  • Door-to-door, nationwide delivery to get to your venue, no matter how obscure!
  • Safe hire for as little or as long as you need
  • Fully insured, risk assessment and method statements supplied if required.

Do you need to hire a safe but don’t know exactly what you need?

Our specialist team can guide you through the choice of safe ratings and sizes and ensure that the safe you hire is perfect for your needs and the most cost effective solution.

Safe hire is perfect for:

  • Outdoor events such as festivals
  • Film production teams on location
  • Exhibitions, particularly jewellery related
  • Commercial requirements during building work

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Things to consider when you are hiring a safe

What size safe do you need?

Think about what you need to store in your safe.

If you need to store under 5k then purchasing a safe maybe cheaper than safe hire - contact us to discuss your requirements

If you are hiring a safe to hold £5k or more and/or documents then a safe such as the Dudley compact 5000 may be the best solution. These are ideal when space is at a premium. They can be bolted to the wall or floor to secure them at your hire site.

If you need to store electronic devices or equipment, the safe you hire will need to be large enough to accommodate these items and you will need to hire one of our medium or large safes.

We can help you to determine the size safe you need as well as ensuring that it is suitable for your insurance and can be installed at your required location, especially if stairs are involved!

How much cash do you need to hold in your safe?

If you are holding cash in your hired safe, you will need a correctly certified cash rated safe. These are insurance certified to hold cash from £1k to £150k. There are varying degrees of cover for cash and contents like watches, laptops, tablets or other digital media.

We can talk you through the ratings and ensure that the safe you hire meets your insurance requirements.

Do you need to store documents or film?

If so, you may want to consider a Fireproof or fire resistant safes. These will protect important documents, digital media and traditional tape media from fire damage.

Who or how many people will need to be able to open the safe during the hire period?

This will impact the type of locking system which best suits your safe hire. We offer safes for hire with key locks or digital locks. Key locks require a physical key to open them. A digital or electronic lock has a safe combination code.

We offer both types of locking system and can advise you as to which may best suit your safe hire requirements.

Where does the safe need to be installed?

If you are hiring a safe to be installed on an upper or subterranean floor, the safe will need to be carried up or down stairs unless there lift access. We will go through your delivery location with you to ensure that we have selected you the right safe and bring the right equipment to get your safe into position and installed at your site.

How long do you need to hire a safe for?

We offer flexible hire periods for both short and long term safe hire. If you need to hire a safe over an extended period of time, it may work out more cost effective to purchase one. If this is the case we are able to offer you a buy back price for the safe to ensure that you get the best financial solution for your needs.

With over 30 years of experience, we will guide you through all of the options for your safe hire and arrange a suitable time to deliver and install your safe.

Call us now to discuss your requirements and receive a comprehensive quote.

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