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Do you own a safe which you can’t open?

Don’t panic, our engineers will quickly diagnose the problem and get you access to your belongings

With our experienced engineers and nationwide service, no matter what grade, cash rating, or make of safe you have, we can get it open for you.

It’s not uncommon for home and business owners to run into an issue with their safe. Safes can become stuck shut for a variety of reasons, such as mechanical or electronic faults, loss of keys or codes, something caught in a door to name a few. Whatever the issue preventing you from opening your safe, our engineers will quickly diagnose the problem and determine the options for opening it.

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Our Professional Safe Opening Service

We use specialist safe opening tools such as picks, scopes and drills, to ensure that your safe is opened in such a way that it will not damage your belongings. Most safes can usually be fully repaired and put back into operational use.

We operate on a nationwide basis and whether you have lost your keys, forgotten your combination or your locking mechanism has been damaged or failed, we can help.

Unlike a standard locksmith, we specialise in safe lock mechanisms and are fully insured with over 35 years’ experience in opening safes.

If you need help opening your safe, get in touch now

Things to check if your safe won’t open

If electrically operated, is the battery dead?

If you have an electronic locking device and your safe won’t open, it may be that the batteries need replacing. Before doing anything else, change the batteries in your safe. It is important to try this even if your keypad seems to work. There may be enough power in the batteries to operate the keypad, but not enough to open the lock. If your lock has an emergency external power supply option, this often is sufficient to gain access to the safe and the internal battery can then be changed.

Has the safe gone into lockout mode?

If the wrong codes are entered too many times, your safe may have gone into lockout mode. If you think that this has happened, wait 10 minutes, and try again. Most electronic locks will have a lock out period should the safe try to be opened by an unauthorised user with an incorrect code. Normally after the third attempt, the lock then shuts down.

Has your code been deactivated?

Businesses often have multiple user codes for their safes. If your code is not working, ask someone else in the business to try theirs, as it may be that yours has been deactivated for some reason.

Is the bolt work jammed?

If there is no play in the handle when you try to turn it, the door could be stuck on the contents. On higher quality safes fitted with live AED’s, if these have gone off then the safe would require drilling open

Has the safe been damaged?

Safe mechanisms are delicate items and should be treated with respect. Natural wear and tear can cause issues over time (faulty keypads, bent or damaged keys, worn combination locks) which may result in a safe becoming locked out. Heavier safe doors can drop, leading to a door sticking or bolt work damaged due to a door being left open with the bolts extended. Keeping an eye on all these things and reacting beforehand is far cheaper than having to force a safe open.

If your safe still won’t open after checking the above, then please get in touch and we will help you

Things you should not do if your safe won’t open

    1. Kick it: Although this may make you feel better it will not help and may damage the safe locking mechanism further
    2. Spray things in the lock: We have had all sorts of weird and wonderful things sprayed in locks over the years and none of them helps.
    3. Force the lock: Any attempt to force the safe open is likely to cause damage. Safes are designed not to be able to be forced open so any attempt you make to do so is futile.
    4. Drill the lock: Unless you know what you are doing, the only guaranteed result of drilling your safe’s lock is that you will never be able to use that lock again.

We can help you to get your safe open in the most effective and least damaging way. Please contact us to arrange for an engineer to come out to you asap.

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