Safe Maintenance Service

Having problems with your safe?

We resolve 95% of all maintenance issues on the spot and within just 1 visit!

Whatever you keep in your safe, being able to reliably get into it and lock it is critical. If you are experiencing any problems with your safe or are worried about any aspect of its operation, we can quickly assess and resolve the situation to get your safe working smoothly again.

Nationwide Safe Repair and Maintenance Services

We offer safe repair and maintenance services Nationwide, so wherever you are, we can help.

We have been maintaining safes and vaults for over 30 years. So, unlike some less specialised repair services, we have extensive knowledge across all brands of safes and work with both domestic and commercial clients nationwide.

We can help you with:

  • Safe Opening (if you can’t get into your safe)
  • Swapping your key lock to a digital lock
  • Changing the code on your combination lock
  • Cutting spare keys for your safe or fitting a new lock
  • Servicing of mechanical combination locks, cleaning and resetting codes
  • Cleaning & servicing of door mechanisms, as required or after a flood, or beer damage (surprisingly common in pubs and bars)
  • Door adjustments to stop your safe door sticking

Contact us to talk through your maintenance requirement

Domestic and Commercial Safe Maintenance and Repair Services 7 Days a Week

Whether it holds the family valuables or is a critical element in your business operations, we understand that access to your safe at all times is essential. That’s why we strive to react to all call-outs within 24 hours and fix 95% of all issues on the spot in the first visit.

Our team can cut keys on site, reprogram digital locks and we also carry a stock of replacement locks for most brands of safe.

Annual Maintenance Support for Commercial Safes

For many of our commercial clients with safes at multiple locations, we also offer annual maintenance support. This ensures that wear and tear on your safes can be identified and dealt with before it causes you any problems.

If you are interested in discussing an annual maintenance contract please contact Maurice on 0207 405 1540

Top 5 Signs That Your Safe Needs Servicing

  • The key for your safe is difficult to turn (possible worn key or key lock)
  • Your safe’s digital lock is not opening (battery or electrical problem)
  • The door on your safe is difficult to open or the handle hard to turn (possibly the door has dropped and needs adjustment)
  • The combination lock on your safe won’t open (numbers may have slipped or lock needs cleaning).

If you are experiencing any problems with your safe, give us a call and we can troubleshoot the issue with you over the phone.

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