Refurbished Safes

We supply second hand safes, refurbished and repaired in accordance with BS 7582:2005 and available for nationwide delivery and installation

A safe is not necessarily something you need to buy brand new. We stock a range of second hand safes, all of which are reconditioned by us to British Standard (BS 7582).

Purchase or hire a refurbished safe from us and you will receive:

  • Guidance and advice about which safe is best for your security needs
  • A low cost, fully functioning safe reconditioned in accordance with BS 7582
  • 12 month warranty
  • Delivery and installation in the UK

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Why is a refurbished safe a good option?

Because our safes are reconditioned so thoroughly and in accordance with BS7582, they are ‘as new’ and a favourable low cost option to their brand new counterparts.

If you purchase or hire a refurbished safe from us, we can guarantee the following:

  • Your safe has been stripped back to the metal to ensure that it has never been in a fire, drilled or compromised
  • Your safe has been newly painted
  • The inner workings of the safe have been checked to ensure that it is in good working order
  • All security features such as Anti Explosive Devices (AED’s) & glass plates have been checked to ensure that they are working as intended
  • The locks have been serviced or changed with a similar model, be it key locking, combination or digital
  • All bolts and hinges of the door will have been lubricated to ensure easy operation
  • Your safe will come with a 12 month warranty plus delivery and installation in the UK

Which refurbished safes do we have in stock?

Our stock levels of refurbished, second hand safes are always changing. The common brands available are:

  • Dudley
  • Chubb
  • SMP
  • Tann

If we do not have a suitable second hand safe in stock that meets your needs, we can usually source something for you. We have even been known to repaint a secondhand safe to match a customer's room colour scheme….shocking pink!

So please do get in touch with your requirements and we will do what we can to source you a suitable safe.

Contact us now for details of our available refurbished safes and prices.

Enquire about this service