Bespoke Service

Do you have a bespoke requirement for your safe? We can customise your safe to fit your exact safety and storage requirements.

Whether you need a safe built into your wardrobe, additional shelving added to a safe for storing your watch collection or a special locking mechanism added to a safe, we can help.

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Customise your safe without compromising your security

By choosing to work with us to create your bespoke safe, you can be assured that your custom changes will not impact the security of your safe and that your belongings will be secure.

Unlike some off the shelf specialist solutions such as watch display cases, by modifying a cash rated safe to fit your bespoke needs, you will still benefit from the additional security of a UK Insurance rated safe for your belongings.

Your safe can be designed to accommodate:

  • Specialist, non standard locking mechanisms for your security needs
  • Change of colour to fit in with your decor, or to enable your safe to stand out as a feature
  • Adding oak finishes to the front of your safe
  • Bespoke shelving for storing your belongings
  • Deposit or letter slots
  • Lockable drawers
  • Internal power supplies
  • Watch winders
  • Internal coffers

And of course, your bespoke safe can be delivered and installed nationwide.

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Bespoke safes for both residential and commercial clients

We have been creating bespoke safes for residential and commercial clients for over 30 years. Our ability to customise a cash rated safe means that we can offer features such as partial access for commercial clients who wish to operate with differing levels of staff access.

Trays, drawers and watch winders can be added for clients in the jewellery trade or for homeowners with collections to protect.

Our experience and specialist delivery and installation services make us a popular choice for clients looking for a quality service Nationwide.

Has your collection outgrown even a bespoke safe?

We can design and supply you with bespoke vault doors for a vault room or security room to ensure that you have suitable storage space for your collection.

Our doors are easily installed and provide you with a walk-in security room for your home or business. Your vault doors can be personalised by colour, finish, initials or a logo.

Vault rooms or security rooms are perfect for storing collections such as:

  • Firearms
  • Heirlooms
  • Family or business records
  • Jewellery
  • Artwork or photographs
  • Data and cash

All of our vault doors are heavy, steel doors which can include fire protection, set in concrete or cement block openings.

Your vault or security room offers safety for your family as well as your valuables

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