Chubb ProGuard Grade 3 - Cash Rating £35K

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  • Chubb ProGuard Grade 3 - Cash Rating £35K

    Key Feature

    Burglary protection in accordance with the European standard, EN 1143-1, as certified by ECB•S for Grades III.

    ProGuard's special barrier material provides certified burglary protection whilst also keeping the total weight of the safe down.

    Innovations made with the Grade III models means that a higher level of protection can be offered in a safe with reduced wall thickness and increased interior capacity.

    The three-way boltwork is constructed with solid steel bolts.

    For additional security, ProGuard is fitted with an active relocker and anti-drilling plates have been incorporated into the boltwork to withstand burglary attempts.

    A Class A mechanical key lock or a Class B highsecurity electronic lock, approved in accordance with EN 1300, are both available as primary lock options. Electronic locks increase the level of security and prevent unauthorised access to the safe.

    Every model can be customised with a range of internal fittings to maximise storage capacity. ProGuard has a modern design with an ergonomic soft-touch handle.

    Locking option

    As the primary locking option, ProGuard safes can be fitted with either a highsecurity electronic lock (Class B) or a key lock (Class A). Dual locking is available from model 110. The primary lock can be complemented by a combination lock or both a key lock and electronic lock can be fitted.


    Burglary Testing

    ProGuard has been approved by ECB•S in accordance with the European standard, EN 1143-1, for burglary protection in Grades II and III. A range of attack tools were used to test ProGuard's level of resistance, from basic tools to sophisticated thermal and electrical equipment.

    Innovations made with the Grade III models have allowed the thickness of the safe walls to be reduced. This means that a safe with a higher level of protection will also offer greater capacity for the storing of valuable items and sensitive documents.

    Chubb ProGuard Grade 3 - Cash Rating £35K

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  • Model External dimensions (mm) Internal dimensions (mm) Volume Weight Shelf
      Height Width Depth Height Width Depth (litres) (kg) (qty)
    110 690 600 561 600 510 396 121 315 2
    150 875 600 561 785 510 396 159 377 2
    200 1150 600 561 1060 510 396 214 486 2
    300 1600 600 561 1510 510 396 305 655 3
    350 1600 675 585 1510 585 420 371 703 3
    450 1850 675 616 1750 585 451 463 813 4

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