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  • Vault Doors, Secure Room, Panic Room & Gun Room Doors

Vault Doors, Secure Room, Panic Room & Gun Room Doors

Posted: Thu, 06 Dec 2018

Vault Doors, Secure Room, Panic Room & Gun Room Doors

Secure Doors

Where a customer has a need for a secure door that exceeds the quality of timber or steel lined door, one of our Secure Doors / Gun Room doors may be the answer. These doors are made from solid steel plate, with boltwork that locks into a steel frame. Our superior quality doors also come with live AED’s and glass plate protection of the lock system. The door frame needs to be secured into concrete blockwork and can be inward or outward opening. Whilst they have the external appearance of a vault/strongroom door, they are not designed for the protection of cash or valuables on their own, where a EuroGraded vault would be required.

Tested Vault Doors

A vault door must be independently tested in the same way that safes are and should be fitted into a room that has also been tested. As with safes, vaults come in different Grades, with vaults going up to a higher level than safes. The cost of installing a vault can be quite prohibitive and, in most cases, would be overkill for domestic clients.

Creating A Secure Room, Panic Room, Gun Room

Creating a Secure Room, Panic Room, Gun room into which a quality safe can be installed, is a much more cost-effective option, especially in a domestic situation.

Our doors come in three levels a) Gun room, b) Coventry door and c) Birmingham door, with increasing door thickness and level of security.

Gun Room Door

Metal Door

The Gun Room door is our basic model and within reason can be made to any size. An 8mm steel door, extending to 14mm at the edges, with a 100mm bolt chamber, giving an overall depth of 120mm. 5 x 31mm retractable chromed bolts on the leading edge with fixed dog bolts at the rear, securing into a 10mm steel frame. A live anti-explosive device protects the lock area from attack.

Locking options for key, combination or digital combination are available.

Cost from £1395 + vat plus delivery and installation**

Coventry Door

Secure Room Metal Door

The Coventry door is the next step up, with the same features as the Gun Room door. Door thickness is increased to a 10mm steel plate, extending to 18mm at the edges and a 110mm bolt chamber. Both live and passive anti explosive devices protect the door against attack.

Locking options for key, combination or digital combination are available.

Cost from £2005 + vat plus delivery and installation**

Birmingham Door

Secure Room Metal Door

The Birmingham door is top of our range, again with the same features as the Gun Room door but with a 25mm steel plate and overall door depth of 150mm, including the bolt chamber. A glass plate protects the lock with live anti explosive devices and passive relockers.

This door can also come with a grille gate for daytime operation, should the door need to remain open.

Cost from £2700 + vat plus delivery and installation**

Emergency Release

For an additional cost, doors can be fitted with an internal emergency release mechanism, if someone is shut inside, in error.

Steel lining a room

For additional security, as blockwork on its own may not be enough, we can also add a steel lining to the interior of a room with 6mm steel sheets bolted to blockwork and stitch welded together.

Constructing a Gun Room, Secure Room

We generally refer our clients to the following Government website

This brochure gives details on a gun room and door construction to meet gun control laws in the UK. From this, you will see that all our doors far exceed the required level of security. A room constructed from concrete blockwork and steel lined is also far superior.

Examples of our work

Over the years we have fitted our doors in various security locations from private dwellings to gun clubs both in the UK and abroad. For those clients that require a bit more security for their belongings than provided by a normal timber internal door or a steel door securing into a timber frame, our Gun Room, Coventry & Birmingham doors have the additional security required.

At Independent Safes, our doors have been fitted in a variety of situations.

  • The basement of private houses, where the client has constructed a block room.
  • Gun clubs, both in the UK and on the Continent.
  • At a Private School, where they wanted to protect valuable tools and equipment in store out in the grounds, that had been subject to several attacks.
  • In a private house, to protect a valuable wine collection.
  • In a private house to protect a gun collection and to store a high value safe for jewellery.
  • Our doors have been installed in Africa in several Banks, where the existing security was just a wooden door with a padlock! Whilst not to UK standards, our door was a marked improvement in security.

Whether looking for additional security or to complement an existing installation, where a vault door would not be suitable, our doors offer a competitive and secure option.

To discuss your needs please contact us at 020 7405 1540.

** Prices correct as at July 2019

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